We answer your questions
When does my order arrive?
We take 24 hours to resolve orders and then it is up to the shipping company. If you choose free shipping, it will take 5-9 days. If you choose priority delivery, it will take 2-4 days. However, don’t take these delivery times for granted.
How can I track my order's status?
After placing an order, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Then you’ll be contacted by the shipping company and will receive an online tracking number. If for any reason you haven’t received the confirmation email, please don’t place a new order but contact us first 🙂
Do you ship to other countries than USA?
Yes! We ship to all countries in the world 🙂
I want to collaborate with you!
  • Are you a blogger, youtuber or have any other way of presenting the book to your audience?
We’ll be happy to send you a copy of the book for free, please contact us! 😉
  • Do you own a wedding salon, hotel, bookstore or any other place where you’d like to sell the ‘Our Love Challenges’ book ?
Contact us and we can discuss the details, we’re open for collaboration.
  • Different idea? Let us know!

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Can I cancel my order?
Each order can be cancelled before it is shipped; contact us at email address info@ourlovechallenges.com – just tell us your name and the order number. Of course, you can return the order even after it has been shipped. If you don’t like the goods, you have 30 days to think it over and potentially return the order – we’ll refund it. See Shipping & Returns.
How can I return my order?
Have you received a damaged package or damaged book? We’re sorry to hear that. Sometimes, the books can be damaged by the printing or shipping company. Take photos and send them to info@ourlovechallenges.com. Don’t panic, everything will be alright! We’ll send you a new product or refund your order. How to return the package? See our Shipping & Returns page.