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All You Wish to Know about Our Love Challenges

Our Love Challenges is a project inspired by our own experiences. We are two university students who would often struggle to come up with original and fun activities to do with our girlfriends. Many people (maybe even you!) struggle with the same problem. That’s why we’ve decided to help!

Our Love Challenges is a unique book packed with interesting challenges and opportunities for romance and adventure. You’ll also get plenty of free space to jot down all the awesome things you experience. As you complete the challenges along the way, you’ll strengthen your relationship and create a beautiful album to store your best memories. Revisit the past anytime to remember how much fun you had together!

We launched a Kickstarter campaign

in June 2017 and raised an incredible $8,353! This allowed us to print Our Love Challenges in bulk. A few months later, in May 2018, we officially launched this e-shop! Wahoo!

The Backstory

How would you like to have tons of fun, original date ideas and challenges for you and your partner? Do you want to experience new adventures and spice up your relationship? What if you could make a special memory album full of photos and stories for you to remember all those beautiful moments?

My name is Vit, and I am one of the founders of Our Love Challenges. I have a wonderful girlfriend, Kamila, with whom I love to spend every moment. I have to admit, however, that I had been struggling with a problem many longtime couples have — a lack of fresh ideas and creativity to spend quality time.

When we went on a date, we ended up going either to the movies, theater, or restaurant. Nothing overly thoughtful. It was still fun because we were together, but I believed that we could do better. Also, it made me sad to have the photos stored on my phone (because I’d forget about them and eventually lose them), and the usual photo albums lacked space for writing down our stories.

But where do you find inspiration for original and affordable dates? Where to put all the photos and write the stories behind them?

This was when I first had the idea of making the Our Love Challenges book. With the help of my family and Kamila, we collected almost 200 ideas for unique activities.

We took a notepad and put each idea on one page, leaving enough space for pictures and stories. There it was — an inspiration for weekend activities as well as our special memory album. Being a college student at the time, I also took my financial situation into account, so the activities are affordable.

While filling up our book, we have really worked on our creativity. The funniest and most beautiful memories are now preserved forever. We have explored and found beautiful places, many of which we wouldn’t have found without the book. And we had the best time doing it.

Not to mention the hilarious moments while remembering and writing all of it down.

We originally created the book for ourselves. But I thought to myself, “This book could help other couples as well.” It turned out I was right. More than 15,000 couples have bought the Our Love Challenges book since Christmas, 2016. And these books haven’t just sat on the shelves to collect dust. We get many pictures and messages from the book owners either about completing the challenges or filling the book.

If you feel like this book was made for you, then go ahead and order it right away. Life is too short to waste time. I guarantee you that your experience is going to be priceless