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Our Love Challenges

Create your own unique story with this original book full of challenges which you will be completing with your partner.

Available in the USA by march 2018


Experience adventure

Never be bored again thanks to Our Love Challenges.

  • Complete more than 180 intriguing challenges.
  • Discover breathtaking places you will never forget.
  • Learn new skills.

strengthen your relationship

A better relationship with your partner? Sure thing!

  • Answer deep questions and find out more about each other.
  • Learn to listen and to share your problems.
  • Revitalize moments spent together with non-traditional activities.

record all the great memories

Smile every time you open the book again.

  • Stick in photos from holidays, train tickets, receipts or leaves found during romantic walks through parks.
  • Hardcover binding and quality paper ensure that the pages won’t fall out and that the book will keep bringing you happiness for many and many years.

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Even before I got the chance to review this book, I thought it was gonna be great. However, it still surprised me! It is big, thick, full of almost 200 challenges. It will definitely take us more than 5 years to complete all of them! 🙂

I really like the graphics too, there is power in simplicity. At first I thought the price might be a bit too high, but now I can clearly see that it is of much greater value! 🙂 I will definitely buy the final version, because even this beta is impressive.

I can highly recommend this book to everyone else! 🙂 Thanks!

– Isabella, NY

I was excited when I got the chance to review this book – it was my boyfriend’s birthday soon and I didn’t have to look for a present anymore!

I couldn’t wait and gave it to him straight away. We both like it and have already completed some challenges and have many more activities planned – for example babysitting – well, we will soon have our own baby so this challenge could go on for many years 🙂 All the challenges can be edited to suit our preferences.

Thank you very much for the amount of awesome ideas! Although we don’t need to strengthen our relationship, it is a great way to make the ordinary days more exciting. 🙂

– Riley, Pittsburgh

Me and my partner received this book for our anniversary. Even though he wasn’t too excited when I told him about it, he gave it a shot. We have already completed several challenges and it was a great experience, we both love it!

I can’t wait to complete more challenges. Completing all of them will be the real challenge!

Thanks a lot 🙂

– Lucy, LA

Hey! 🙂 When we received the book, we’d been together for a year and half. We can say that it is stunning, you did a great job 😀

We checked out all the pages and are thrilled to start completing challenges, it will be so much fun. There are also funny illustrations and apt quotes on each page. Thank you!

– Natalie, Nashville

Originally I thought the book was gonna be just a little bit upgraded photo album. However, after flipping through the pages I was stunned! So many ideas, so much stuff we can do together with my partner. Thanks to the author for a beautiful book! 🙂

– Sophia, Sacramento



Number of pages 200
Dimensions A4 wide 11.69″ x 8.27″
(297 x 210mm)
Cover Hardcover
Weight 2.19 lb (992g)

about us

Our Love Challenges is a project inspired by our own experience.  We are two university students and we often truggle to come up with original and lovely presents for our girlfriends.

It takes a lot of time and energy to think of something interesting and it is not even guaranteed that our partners will like it. There are many people struggling with the same problem (maybe even you?) and so we decided to help them.

Our Love Challenges is a unique book full of intriguing challenges, romance, adventure and enough free space to note down all the awesome things you experience. Along the way, as you complete the challenges, you strengthen your relationship and create a beautiful album of your memories that you can come back to at any time and remember how much fun you had together.

We hope you will love the book and if you want, feel free to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram.

Our Love Challenges